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The Military Service Recognition Book (MSRB) Program Contest

Published On: January 16, 2024|Categories: Bulletin Board|

Military Service Recognition Book (MSRB) Program Contest

From Pam Sweeny, Executive Director, Ontario Provincial Command of the Royal Canadian Legion

Good day Comrades and I hope that everyone got through the snowstorm that I believe we all witnessed over the weekend.

In my previous email that I sent to each of you last week, I mentioned the need for more Veteran Submissions since we have only received a grand total of 66 so far during year #11 of our program.

So, in order to help to put a little bit of fun and some competition into our recruitment program, we are going to be offering a special mystery gift to the District Coordinator whose District has the most Veteran submissions that are processed and forwarded to our publisher for the months of February and March. There will also be a special mystery gift for the top three Branch MSRB Coordinators who have had the most Veteran submissions processed and forwarded to our publisher for this two-month period.

Note: To date our District G has only submitted eight applications.

From the President Branch 632


The Military Service Recognition Book (MSRB) is a way for Ontario Command to raise money for their programs and not have to rely on branches to give them money they don’t have. It’s also a fabulous way to ensure that all Veterans are recognized with a short (200 word) bio and photo.

We currently do NOT have an MSRB coordinator for our branch. We need one as I’m sure there are many Veterans in our community (both members and non-members) that don’t even know about this opportunity.

If this is something that interests you, please step up to take this on. I don’t see it as being a lot of work, although there would be some as you would contact retirement homes to get the word out as well as putting together some information posters for the public relations and webmaster to disseminate. You would also have to help some of the older veterans with their submissions and perhaps take a couple of photos?

Anyone interested in this? Do you know anyone who might be interested in this?

Wyn Fournier, President


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