Honours & Awards

Honouring those who are and have served Canadians with distinction

Comrades it’s time to think about Honours and Awards for deserving members of Branch 632. Some of the awards available for our members are the Meritorious Service Medal (MSM), the Meritorious Service Award (MSA), the Palm Leaf to the MSM and MSA, Life Membership, Certificate of Merit, Certificate of Appreciation, Legionnaire of the Year and a 50-Year Long Service Medal. There are also Awards to Other Than Legion Members such as the Friendship Award, Certificate of Merit, Certificate of Appreciation, Media Award and Founders Award.

The criteria for these awards is set out in Chapter 2 starting on Page 13 of The Royal Canadian Legion, Ritual, Awards and Protocol Manual (May 2019). You can obtain an electronic version of the Manual at https://legion.ca/docs/default-source/by-laws-and-policies/ritual-awards-and-protocol-manual.pdf?sfvrsn=9f042df1_6

Please note that all major award nominations/submissions for meritorious and outstanding service require a citation. or at a minimum, details of information/achievements in support of the nomination warranting the award. When recommending a Comrade for an award try to ensure that “the person being nominated is indeed worthy of consideration for the award and that the outstanding services rendered by the member set the member apart from all the others.”

Nominations for any of these awards should be submitted, along with a signed statement of accomplishments, in a sealed envelope addressed to the undersigned, Comrade Blaine Kiley or Comrade Jean Beck, and left at the upper bar. Nominations may also be emailed to Comrade Marty Keates (keatesm@rogers.com), Comrade Blaine Kiley (blainekiley@yahoo.ca) or Comrade Jean Beck (gandjbeck@rogers.com). The deadline to submit nominations for the 2023/2024 awards is April 20, 2024.

Awards presentations will take place on May 5, 2024 in the upper lounge starting at 2 pm.

Comrade Marty Keates
Honours and Awards Chairperson