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Soldiers Helping Soldiers

Published On: February 28, 2024|Categories: Bulletin Board|

Soldiers Helping Soldiers (SHS) is looking for volunteers to take on a Chapter Lead position as well as Chapter member positions to help get homeless veterans off the streets:

Soldiers Helping Soldiers is an incorporated, all-volunteer organization made up of serving Regular and Reserve members, veterans, and citizens at large who are keen to find homeless veterans, connect with them, and connect them to those who can help them.

Chapter leads are self-identified individuals who are able and willing to attract volunteers, to work with ecosystem partners (i.e. VAC, Social Services, etc), and to see volunteers engaged in ways that support our find-connect-connect activities. Chapter leads normally invite other leaders to support them in Chapter activities – including volunteer attraction, volunteer management, planning and operations, ecosystem partner relation managers, and communications. All of these functions are part time individual activities.

Chapters and Chapter leads are supported by the SHS Board of Directors. The board assures our support and relationship with the CAF, with CFMWS/Support our Troops (SOT), and with ecosystem partners (like VAC) at the national level. The Board manages the SHS brand and web based communications, and the Board directs annual financial planning, support, disbursement to Chapters, and reporting to SOT (our supporting Charity).

This short video is truly an eye opener of the homeless veterans situation across Canada including Ottawa.


If you are interested in volunteering with Soldiers Helping Soldiers, please email Stephane Guy, Zone G5 Commander at zoneg5commander@hotmail.com.

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