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President’s Monthly Message for February and March 2024

Published On: March 7, 2024|Categories: Bulletin Board, President’s Monthly Message|

Hello members! Just like that we are just a month away from spring. I hope all of you have made it through the winter months with health intact. If you are a snowbird, we are looking forward to your return.

We are very concerned about access to the upper floor right now as the elevator is on its last legs. So far, our amazing service company has been able to keep it going, but we have no idea how long that will last. The elevator is almost 40 years old and parts are pretty much non-existent. We have gotten quotes, and it will cost close to $90,000.00 to do the upgrade! We are looking for ways to raise that money, including looking for applicable grants. We have started a donation fund as well. If you wish to make a donation toward this huge project, please ensure that you clearly state that your donation is for the elevator.

As always, please send me an email to let me know if you have questions, or suggestions, or if there is something you want addressed in this message.



It’s that time of year again. We are looking for people interested in helping with the governance of the Legion. If you are a member in good standing and are interested in getting involved at this level, please pick up a nomination form in the upstairs lounge and fill it out. Forms must be handed in no later than 9 April 2024.

The following positions will need to be filled:

Senior Executive: Secretary and 3rd Vice President. Regulations from Command state that to fill the VP position you must have been a member for at least a year and preferably have served on the Standing Elected Committee in the past (at any Legion).

Standing Elected Committee (SEC): We still need 5 more people to fill this committee. Each person on the SEC also chairs a portfolio.


There was a staff appreciation dinner put on by the Sr Executive and assisted by Ron and a volunteer team.

Our Superbowl Sunday in February was well attended and by all accounts, fun was had by all. Thanks to Ron for the special finger food menu that he made available!

St Patrick’s Day event is happening on Sunday 17 March, with a special menu from Ron and prizes put on by the sponsor (Coors). Hope to see you there! May the Luck o’ the Irish be with you!


Charitable Gaming: We have decided to join the Charitable Gaming Association to help raise funds for the elevator upgrade. This involves sending teams of 2 people to work for one 2-hour shift each week at the Charitable Bingo Hall on Lola St (off Coventry). During the shift, you help clean up garbage off the tables, wipe down tables and machines, and socialize with the patrons.

The plan is to have a team of 8-10 committed volunteers. If you are willing to commit to doing one shift every 3-4 week), please send me an email that includes your phone number. We hope to get this started at the beginning of April. Once we are finished with the paperwork involved to be a part of this, we will have the same day/time each week for the shift. We don’t know this information just yet.

We still need volunteers for the following positions:

➔ HOUSING: Are you handy with tools and available to do general repairs of things around the building? (changing lightbulbs, minor plumbing, minor damage to walls, putting up items on walls, etc). This is the position for you!! Having this position filled helps the Legion save money as we don’t have to call in a contractor to do the work.

➔ FUNDRAISING/SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE Working with the 3rd Vice, this is an ideal position for people who like to plan events and raise funds! We have 2 people currently interested, and I would like to get another 2 on the team. The goal is for the Branch to put on one major event each month (trivia, karaoke, special occasion event, etc) to encourage more engagement with the community. We also have some larger fundraising ideas that we would like to get going to help us pay for some larger projects around the building (like a new elevator!). Please consider helping us improve our Legion by joining this team!!

CLUB 200

We still have 45 numbers left to be sold. Numbers are $30 each, are available through the upstairs bar, and are eligible for all 24 draws (your number goes back into the pile if it’s drawn). The money raised from this will allow us to upgrade the obsolete Point of Sale system in both bars. Please share the information with your friends and colleagues as you do not have to be a Legion member to participate in the Club 200 event.


At the January GM, a question came up about Capitalization, and how that affects our income. Capitalization is an accounting practice that allocates large capital expenses over the lifetime of the asset in question. It has nothing to do with the actual money in the bank. It is like you have taken a loan with no interest and you are paying out one lump sum at each year’s end until the loan is paid. So, when the treasurer reported that the reason our income statement was so much in the negative was because the capitalization for the doors couldn’t be done until the year end in May, that is what was being referred to.

If this still isn’t clear, the Treasurer will be back from his trip in time to be at the GM in April, and more questions can be asked at that time.

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